Philosophy of Transparent Sound:

To the ear 'invisible', to the music 'inaudible', to the listener still tangible, the best amplifier would be a 'virtual' amplifier. Transparent Sound trusts that its philosophy will harmonise with the concept of approaching ultimate sound quality and controlled performance.

Audio equipment can be designed and developed at every price target that suits the customer or manufacturer from absolute High-End to budget audio. Notwithstanding the primary importance of interior design, exterior design matches the outstanding performance of the products. The profound design research results in a non-obtrusive, but tasteful and elegant appearance, setting them distinctly apart from 'the rest'.

"When all these conditions have been met, it will be possible, even with complex pieces of music, to hear the instruments separate from each other. This means a clear natural reproduction of sound has been achieved."


Jan de Groot, Analogue designer


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